White Fan Talks

Entertaining Talks about Jane Austen and her world, Flirting with a folding fan, Fashion and Garden History, costume hire, tours

White Fan Talks 2011

 Jane Austen and her West Country Links

 A brief introduction to the life of Jane Austen, her association with Bath and the holidays she spent in Devon and Dorset, the literary  links with Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility and her 'West Country Romance'!


A Dip in the Sea with Jane Austen

 Jane loved visiting the new resorts on the Devon and Dorset coast while living in Bath. This entertaining talk, with musical interludes, explains how the tradition of the British seaside holiday began - a lot earlier than you might think!

 An Autumn Bouquet

Seasonal Prose and Poetry inspired by the works of Jane Austen

A Regency Christmas with Jane Austen

An entertaining diversion featuring the delights and difficulties of the Festive Season 

                                                Flirting with a Folding Fan

                                               The Language of the Folding Fan explained

see 'garden history page' for talks about Gilbert White

What does White Fan Talks provide?

 Power point presentations, a screen, and a speaker in Regency costume